Developer Sandbox Account

Use Sandbox to quickly develop and test your app


Before you begin, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • Your upSWOT Sandbox developer account is set up. You can request a Sandbox developer account for free. Learn more on how to get one.

Sandbox Overview

upSWOT offers a Sandbox environment that is free and a fully-featured environment to test your integrations, happy paths, and edge cases. Sandbox is also helpful when developing product demos.

Within the Sandbox environment, you can connect business apps, get mocked data, or connect directly to selected service providers offering their Sandbox account, allowing users to test with their accounts.

Sandbox Capabilities

In addition to API testing, upSWOT has a UI presentation for SMB owners that can be used on the Sandbox portal.

To visit the upSWOT Sandbox UI portal:

  • Go to the Sandbox login page and log in to your Sandbox account.
  • Go through the onboarding process (click Do it Later to proceed without connecting apps).
  • After connecting business apps, you will land at the Sandbox's dashboard homepage.
  • If you do not have any business apps available, use the "View Demo Data" toggle.

Sandbox API Limitations

Some differences exist between the Production developer account working in the production environment and Sandbox.

Base API, Companyonly GET allowedAccess only to our company
Base API, ServicesNo limitations
Base API, Data ConnectionAll GET allowedAccess only to our company
Webhooks APINot AllowedOnly available for Production
Normalized APINo limitationsAccess only to our company
Ready-To-Use APINo limitationsAccess only to our company


Production developer account allows access to all companies on the tenant and the related data.