Data Connection Statuses

Description of data sharing stages and statuses


When exchanging data, there may be situations where the app data parsing is interrupted, and users receive errors they need to understand.

The following definitions provide actionable information about the stages and statuses in which apps can stay, including the causes of possible errors in the data-sharing process.

Understanding the data-sharing flow and errors at each stage of the process allows users (developers, admins, and account managers) to track them in the database environment.

Basic Flow of the Data Sharing Process

Status Numbering in the system

2LoadingThe data from the third-party app is loading to the datalake
6AuthorizationThe user is trying or has already tried to log in to the third-party app
7Error in AuthorizationError after authorization (invalid credentials)
8DeauthorizedThe app's connection has ended, and the user needs to reconnect the app
9AuthorizedAuthorization is completed
11Loading ErrorError with loading data
12LoadedData saved in datalake
13StructuringData is loaded, and the process of structuring is in progress
14Structuring ErrorData structuring is interrupted
15StructuredData structuring was completed successfully
16ProcessingData is structured, and the process of processing is in progress
17Processing errorError with processing data
20Authorization timedoutAuthorization timeout
21DeduplicationDeduplication of predefined apps
22Deduplication ErrorError in Deduplication
23Timed OutThis applies to the loading sessions that did not change status within a defined period
25Waiting For WebhookIf data originates from the app aggregator, the sharing session waits for a webhook
26DisconnectedWhen an app is disconnected

Authorization Stage

When the user is logged in or trying to log in to the third-party app.

Error in Authorization status is provided when the client has entered incorrect or invalid credentials with basic authorization or the client has incorrectly completed authorization.

Authorization timedout status is intended when the client starts authorization in the Dashboard. Still, the authorization process was not completed (for example, the client has not entered authorization data, although a pop-up for authorization has already been opened).

Authorized means a successful authorization, followed by the next status Loading.

Re-Authorization stage

When the user is logged in or trying to log in to the third-party app.

Error in loading indicates that an error occurred during data capture.

Loaded means that data is loaded successfully.

Structuring stage

Data from a third-party app has downloaded and the structuring process is in progress.

Structured means that data is parsed into the database without errors.

Error in Structuring status is generated in case of errors at any stage.

Processing stage

Data from a third-party app is structured and data processing is in progress.

Processed status is generated when the processing stage is completed.

Error in Processing status is generated if errors occur at any of these substages.

The Processing stage consists of the following substages:

  • Monitoring
  • Forecasting
  • Insights
  • Benchmarking
  • Historical Data Cleaning.


All the data from the third-party app is connected and synced.

Synced is the final status in the data-sharing process.