Banking API Overview

upSWOT API provides organizations access to vast amounts of financial data and services through safe and secure data integration with banks and financial institutions.

Our API solution serves as a consolidated platform for a structured and efficient financial data network that organizes account and transaction data for use by consumers, financial institutions, and third-party service providers.


To obtain data from FI, you need an account to connect to the upSWOT system.

Banking API Concepts

Beyond secure data access, banking integration facilitates significant automation of financial operations, assisting companies with informed decision-making. Our Banking API covers critical business banking use cases, including comprehensive supervision and control over transactions and accounts across various financial institutions and banks.

Key Banking Concepts

Accounts. Generally, a financial institution provides and maintains a bank account where transactions between it and a customer are recorded. upSWOT API offers a detailed classification of account types, allowing granular asset management and control.

See the account types list supported by upSWOT.

Endpoints and corresponding fields for the Account object include:

Bank AccountsproviderName accountName accountNumber userAccountClassification typeSystem interestRate currency actualBalance

Transactions. A bank transaction is any interaction between an account holder and a bank or financial institution that results in money moving in or out of the bank account. Examples of bank transactions include cash withdrawals or deposits, checks, online payments, debit card charges, wire transfers, and loan payments.

There are three main types of bank transactions: deposits, withdrawals, and transfers. Deposits put money into an account, withdrawals take money out, and transfers move money between accounts.

Key endpoints and corresponding fields for the Transaction objects include:

Bank TransactionsproviderName accountName accountNumber userAccountClassification typeSystem amount currency transactionDate runningBalance merchantName

Banking API Data Schemas

Company (CompanyId) and Service (ServiceId) are top-level concepts for organizing accounts and transactions information. Company objects represent the organization, which is a lawful account holder, while Service objects refer to financial institutions and banks from which the data originates.

CompanyId can be retrieved using the Company endpoint.

ServiceId can be retrieved using the Service endpoint.