eCommerce API Overview

upSWOT API provides organizations access to vast amounts of valuable eCommerce data and services through safe and secure data integration with the most popular online marketplaces.

Our API solution serves as a consolidated platform for a structured and well-organized data network that offers integration with numerous trusted and secure digital commerce service providers.


To obtain data from ecommerce services, you need an account to connect to the upSWOT system. If you do not have an account, please register with them. In most cases, this is free. It should only take a few minutes.

eCommerce API Concepts

In addition to secure access to data, ecommerce integration facilitates significant automation of electronic transactions, helping companies make informed decisions. Our ecommerce API covers essential online commerce use cases, including customer and inventory management, as well as control over checkout transactions and orders.

Key eCommerce Concepts

References are identifiers that group the transactions, merchants, and customers, implying who is selling or buying a product and what the product is.

Key endpoints and corresponding fields for the Reference objects include:

CheckoutssalesChannel createDate closeDate statusGeneralApp shippingMethodApp checkoutFullAdress marketplaceOrigId currencies totalAmount shippingCost
Company Infoname firstName lastName email phones website baseCurrency balance addresses isMarketplace marketplaceRating marketplaces
OrderscreateDate closeDate paidDate cancelDate cancelReason methodApp shippingMethodApp trackingNumber documentFullAddress marketplaceOrigId customer

Inventory refers to the assortment of goods or products ready for sale, encompassing both physical items stored in a warehouse and virtual products like digital goods. Efficient inventory management plays a crucial role in ecommerce, impacting product availability, cost of goods sold, and overall customer satisfaction.

Key endpoints and corresponding fields for the Transaction objects include:

Productssku baseCurrency isTaxIncluded cost brand inventoryQuantity measure condition productName prices marketplaces company locations

Customer Relations for ecommerce refers to the management and interaction between an online business and its customers. It encompasses marketing, communication, support, and services provided to customers before, during, and after a purchase. This includes responding to inquiries, providing assistance, handling complaints, and maintaining ongoing relationships to foster loyalty and business growth.

Key endpoints and corresponding fields for the Reporting objects include:

CustomersfirstName lastName companyId companyName createDate email addresses
Marketing Eventsname createDate startDate endDate quantity discountValue companyName

eCommerce API Data Schemas

Company (CompanyId) and Service (ServiceId) are top-level concepts for organizing ecommerce information. Company objects represent the organization to which ecommerce accounts (stores) belong, while Service objects refer to third-party apps from which the data originates.

CompanyId can be retrieved using the Company endpoint.

ServiceId can be retrieved using the Service endpoint.