Payment Calendar

Projected Payments Monitoring

The Payment Calendar is a cash flow management tool assisting business owners in solving various issues, including payment projection and budget planning, debt management, building efficient vendor relationships, and more. It provides clarity of cash flows, presenting the sources of income and expenses over time. With the Payment Calendar, business owners can anticipate the forthcoming gap between income and expenses and promptly react to prevent its occurrence in the future.

Data Sources

The widget performs calculations based on financial data from the connected user's bank accounts and accountancy apps. Thus, connecting more apps provides additional functional input data that sustains the widget's operations and delivers better analytics and insights.

Key Features

The Calendar analyzes historical transactions for the entire available period and determines the recurring payments to be scheduled for future dates. Recurring bank payments are calculated for up to 120 days while recurring accountancy payments are for 365 days. The widget lists upcoming payments linked to specific dates and merchants that users can filter by the Transaction Type and amount range. In addition, business owners can check their overdue payments (if any) and send due reminders by email right from the widget.

Note: the Web Component is in demo mode.