Carbon Footprint

Monitoring Business Carbon Footprint

The Carbon Footprint Component offers optimal ways to track a business's corporate carbon footprint. It measures all greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). By quantifying their carbon footprint, business owners can set emission reduction targets, implement mitigation strategies, and track progress towards their environmental goals.

Data Sources

The widget offers a comprehensive outlook of the estimated carbon footprint based on payment data obtained from the connected business bank accounts. This includes all outgoing payments (operational transactions), except for investment, loan, and transfer transactions.

Key Features

The Carbon Footprint Component consists of an interactive graph that displays the Total CO2e for a selected period and the list of Transactions that produce these emissions. All payments are categorized, and the daily sum of accumulated carbon emissions for a selected period (up to three months) and the average volume (dashed line) are presented on the line chart. Additionally, the user can switch the presentation to a doughnut chart to view a breakdown of carbon emissions for a given timeframe.

The Total COe2 statement above the graph indicates the aggregated weight of carbon emissions for a selected period as of the date of the last update (under normal circumstances, the banking data is updated every 24 hours). The emissions dynamic next to the statement shows the difference between the estimated periods.

The list of payment categories, displayed next to the chart, reflects the estimated carbon emissions and the transaction volume (in USD) for each category. Furthermore, each transaction category has a different coefficient used to calculate emissions, which is derived from the national-level dataset offered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Emissions calculation is based on the ratio of carbon weight to 1 dollar.

Business owners can view specific transaction details by choosing it from the category list. Each transaction statement for a concrete date includes the payment date, Total CO2e tag, description, transaction category, and the corresponding bank account.

Note: the Web Component is in demo mode.