Tracking Digital Marketing Success

The Marketing Component offers enhanced capabilities for integrating marketing analytics sources in one place. Business owners can unlock many benefits by bringing essential digital metrics from various channels into focus. For instance, the widget drives a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing performance based on data from social media engagement, email campaigns, and business reviews to gain insights into what's working and what needs improvement across users' marketing efforts. These insights support data-driven decisions and with a deeper grasp of metrics, owners can allocate resources wisely.

Data Sources

Connecting marketing and business intelligence apps provides valuable analytical data that sustains the widget’s operations, delivering more accurate output. Users can connect Social Media (Facebook Business, Instagram Business, TikTok Business), Business Listing (Google Business Profile), and Email Marketing apps (Mailchimp, Klaviyo, GetResponse, Omnisend).

Key Features

The Marketing Component offers a comprehensive outlook of the essential social media metrics based on data obtained from connected social media accounts. This includes the Total Reach, which is presented on an interactive chart. This key metric derives from the organic or paid distribution of user’s content, including posts, stories, and ads. In addition, the latest data on Visits, Interactions, and Followers metrics with a dynamic indicator is displayed next to the chart. Users can customize metrics presentation through a business (account) dropdown box and a period filter.

In addition to social media metrics, the Marketing Component outlines key email marketing figures based on data from connected email automation platforms, such as Klaviyo and Mailchimp. The user can select a provider’s account to view stats for a specific campaign or all campaigns. The metrics include Email Campaigns Health, Opens, Click-through rate, and other essential indicators.

With the business reviews tool, the user can track their customers' feedback from the major listing platforms, such as Google Business Profile. The Total Business Impressions metric is displayed on an informative chart for a selected period and the business unit. Business owners can connect their accounts to track and read reviews and manage their online reputation more efficiently.

Note: the Web Component is in a demo mode.